Getting started in Affiliate Marketing for Ecommerce Brands

You've listened to Keep Optimising and know you could be getting more sales through affiliate marketing but keep getting lost in the complexity of it all? Look no further.

Better still, we're not going to ask for your email address to read it. So go on, click below for the best affiliate marketing beginners guide out there. 

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What's in the guide?

Written by industry expert Rachel Said, this guide brings together 15years worth of affiliate marketing experience from all sides of the industry - brand, network, publisher and agency to enable you to make smart, strategic decisions about your programme. 

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What actually is affiliate marketing + why brands like X and X use it. 

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How affiliate marketing tracking works, it's not witchcraft we promise.

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What constitutes a great partner and how to grow your programme.

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Tak Boutique Stone
“Simply put, if you want to grow your ecommerce brand, you need Genie Goals”

Takwirira Rinomhota, Founder of Boutique Stone

Want to talk through your affiliate programme?

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